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Schneider Electric Powex 13A Surge Protection LED Socket Extension Set (with 2 meters cable) (White)

  • HK$400.0

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Brand: Schneider Electric 施耐德電氣

Product Code: CLI-EPB4PBSX-C5

  • Lighting Protection: Built-in MOV module that can resist high surge current
  • Full Brass Connection: Optimal conducitivity with minimal risk of short circuits
  • High Quality Polycarbonate: Characterised by its excellent heat-resistence and high impact resistant properties
  • Wide Spacing Design: Allow bulky plugs and adapters without blocking adjacent sockects
  • Individual Switch: Allow you to turn off devices that are not in use. cutting off the power completely
  • LED Indicator: LED provides soft light indication and use less power than a neon indicator
  • USB Port: Provide 2.1A + 1A to charge mobile phone and tablet